Permanent Stickers on Glossy Paper Material

Stickers comprise one of the most widely used branding items these days. From window clings to car bumpers, wall stickers to product labels, stickers find endless applications in our everyday life. Though vinyl stickers are used for several long term outdoor branding purposes, the uses and applications of sticker paper are still not undermined. In fact a wide range of general purpose stickers are still preferably printed on mate or glossy paper material. Permanent stickers on glossy paper material offer high durability ... Read more

Sticker Cutting Technology- Designing of Die-cut Decals

Stickers are the most extensively used print material for advertisement and promotional activities. Their popularities lie in their easy printing process and low-cost. However, not all types of stickers are successful because of poor designing and print. Therefore, people try employing latest sticker cutting technology to their advantage and prefer designing of die-cut decals. Die-cut stickers are also known as custom-shape stickers because of their personalized shapes and outlook. As they can be designed/printed in several interesting shapes and designs; they grab ... Read more

Different Types of Bumper Stickers Designed for Car’s Cohesive Look

One cannot deny the fact that stickers are the most compelling and effective advertisement tool. They have the tendency to attract all kinds of audience from diverse interests and professions. Marketing people prefer and recommend using such material for advertisement as they are low-cost yet very effective way of communication. Particularly personalizing them as per the requirements, needs and the objectives can be even more rewarding. The images as well as text on these personalized stickers are the major thing that ... Read more

Designs of Windshield Decal and Car Window Stickers

“Car Window, A Place to Express Everything” Vehicles carry an important weight and role from the marketing perspective. If the brand is powerful, people love to paste its stickers on their cars. But the point is how to design such car window stickers and windshield decals? Many people would recommend using state of the art machinery for printing while others may argue in favor of some sound print material. However, the core element that makes a printing solution effective is its unique ... Read more

Product labels! All about brand description

Develop a Communicative Bridge B/W Customers and Businesses Labeling and product presentation has dramatically improved; a significant change has been marked in improving product out in the last 10 years. Business owners invest lot of time and money for making their product presentation good and effective. They take all measures for getting a good product labels and stickers just for their customer satisfaction and attention. If we think, dose such type of printed labels and stickers work for describing the full ... Read more
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