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Vehicles carry an important weight and role from the marketing perspective. If the brand is powerful, people love to paste its stickers on their cars. But the point is how to design such car window stickers and windshield decals? Many people would recommend using state of the art machinery for printing while others may argue in favor of some sound print material. However, the core element that makes a printing solution effective is its unique design and perfect outlook. If you are able to come up with stunning designs of windshield decal and car window stickers, the success is surely the destination.

Now, the point is how to design the best quality stickers that could strike back in the market. In the following, we have shared some Key Suggestions That May Help in Generating Quality Designing Ideas in your mind.


1: Measure the windows:

If you are going for full-size window stickers, the most important part is size.  Before ordering a car window decal; it is important to measure your vehicle’s wiprint Decalsndow. Every vehicle’s rear window is different, so there is no “standard size” rear window graphic, unless you’re just ordering a small piece to center in the middle of that. Calculate the inner and outer height of the window, as well as the top and bottom width. There are folks who have some accessories installed on their rear window. Elements like a windshield wiper or handle must also be accommodated in the measurement exercise. This surely results in a reasonable compatible design for your car’s windows.


2: Make a Compatible Design:

                        “Give Additional Attention to Design”

After measurement, next comes designing process.  Once you have done your measurements, start to create your design. Keep in mind the shape of the window-you’ll be designing in the shape of a rectangle. There are windows that seem trapezoid-shaped; meaning that the top is narrower than the bottom. So, the common advice is that, don’t put text or images at the edges of the design as they will likely be trimmed off during installation.

3: Never Put Text Near the Edge:

decals printing

                        “Measurements Should Be Accurate”

Even if you have measured your window perfectly there is always the chance that some of it might get clipped off in the installation. This is okay if it is just a small amount of the background color, but if it is the phone number then the whole reason for getting car window decals is lost. It is also a good idea to make sure that your logo is centrally placed so that none of it is clipped off.

4: Use an Editor’s Eyes:

The designs can go ugly, if we start going for ‘overdesigning’ as they may sound over-advertisement too. When you are done with the designing exercise, try to remove 10 to 20 percent of your product as that part might not be important. This small exercise will remove ‘overdesigning’ element. It’s a matter of common sense that passerby people and motorists won’t have a lot of time to view all of your graphic. Therefore, do not add too much information; instead, go for brief and to the point pieces.

By reading the given 4 key ideas for designing windshield decals and car window stickers, one must have an idea of how to go ahead in the advertisement game. Many car window decal customers don’t measure their vehicle and don’t design accordingly. Hence, their small ignorance turns out to be a fatal error. Some people feel lethargic going too deep in the exercise citing that they have hired a printing agency for all the tasks; however, they forget to learn that agencies print things on your specifications.

What if you give them wrong size? Mismatching color? Or some grammatically incorrect sentences? The onus is surely going to fall on you. Therefore, when one plans to go for the creative designs of car stickers and decals, it is important to Prepare The Specifications And Basics By Himself to avoid any problem later on.

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